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Kamata’s encapsulation equipments are more expensive…and worth it
The superior quality of Kamata’s equipment and the capsules that it produces are well known, even legendary, but…
The difference between the prices of our equipment and the equipment of our competitors is far too obvious.
But when you use our equipment, you will find that the operating cost, and therefore the overall life cycle cost, is less.
The higher initial investment will be paid back. This is why many pharmaceutical companies choose Kamata.

We are more expensive:
  1. Due to our use of superior materials, precision machining and heavy duty construction which result in more reliability,
    less downtime and longer machine life.
  2. Due to our use of our very powerful pump. Developed by Kamata’s engineers, our pump enables our machines
    to handle the very high viscosity of pastes and suspensions.
Kamata’s encapsulation equipment is more expensive…until you use it
Our machines are faster; at least 50% faster. That means less real estate, less staff, less supervision,
less training and less turnover.
Kamata’s encapsulation equipment is more cost effective!
Show us your production process and we will prepare
a quotation for you and you’ll be on your way to:
  • Superior quality product.
  • Industry leading production speed.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Less downtime.
  • Longer machine life.
  • Reduced operating costs.
Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Drying Tumbler Laser Marking Machine
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